2024 DeMauro Award Winner Announced

Congratulations to Rich Yeoman, who has been selected as the 2024 DeMauro Award Winner.

Rich Yeoman is the Manager of Data Services at GV/W-FL EduTech, a leading provider of educational technology solutions in the Genesee Valley and Wayne-Finger Lakes regions. He has been working at EduTech for 26 years, and he oversees the EduData department that offers a range of data-related services for schools and districts.

Rich has been involved in providing administrative support for all areas of data needs, implementing projects and software using data to meet educational and administrative requirements. He has experience and knowledge in data management, analysis, and reporting, and he is passionate about helping educators leverage data to enhance learning and teaching.

Some of the services that Rich and his team provide are:

  • ·         Test Scoring: processing and analyzing student assessments and generating reports and feedback.
  • ·         SIRS Reporting: submitting and verifying data to the state's Student Information Repository System.
  • ·         Special Ed Data Reporting: managing and reporting data for students with disabilities and special needs.
  • ·         Data Driven Instruction: supporting teachers and administrators in using data to inform instruction and improve student outcomes.
  • ·         Power BI Dashboard Development: creating and maintaining interactive dashboards and visualizations using Microsoft Power BI.
  • ·         Data Security Services: ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data and complying with data protection laws and regulations.