DATAG Committees

DATAG committee members are drawn from the Board of Directors and the regular membership. The Board of Directors determines the functions, tasks and goals for each committee. The approval of assignments for committees is determined through a majority vote of board members at the Board of Directors meeting.

If you have specific questions regarding these committees, please feel free to contact us.

Program Committee

Chair: Lynn Bedeaux

Associate Program Chair:  Abigail Adams-Snell


  • Guides development of service delivery mechanisms; may include evaluation of the services.

  • Plans the quarterly conferences and other educational events.

  • Oversees new program development.

  • Monitors and assesses existing programs.

  • Initiates and guides program evaluations.

  • Facilitates discussions about program priorities.

Summer Conference Committee

Co-Chairs: Leah Baldassarre and Brenda Roof


  • Plans the Summer Conference.

  • Monitors and assesses Summer Conference programs.

  • Facilitates discussions about program priorities.

Finance Committee

Treasurer/Chair: Cheryl Covell


  • Reviews budgets initially prepared by staff, to help develop appropriate procedures for budget preparations (such as meaningful involvement by program directors), and on consistency between the budget and the organization's plans.

  • Reports any financial irregularities, concerns or opportunities to the board.

  • Recommends financial guidelines to the board, such as to establish a reserve fund or to obtain a line of credit for a specified amount.

  • Works with staff to design financial reports and ensure that reports are timely and accurate.

  • Oversees short and long-term investments, unless there is a separate investments committee.

  • Recommends selection of the auditor and works directly with the auditor.

  • Advises the executive director and other appropriate staff on financial priorities and information systems, depending on committee member expertise.

Nominating Committee

Chair: Meador Pratt


  • Prepares priorities for board composition in terms of needs, skills, relationships, etc.

  • Meets with prospective board members and recommends candidates to the board.

  • Recommends a slate of officers to the board.

  • Conducts orientation sessions for new board members.

  • Suggests new, non-board individuals for committee membership.

  • Nominates replacements for board members who resign or otherwise leave during their term.

  • Nominates representatives to outside organizations.

Organizational Development Committee

Chair: Timothy Johnson


  • Reviews constitution and bylaws as needed or requested.

  • Presents suggested bylaw amendments to the board.

  • Presents draft constitutional amendments to the board for revision and presentation to the membership.

  • Researches procedural questions as necessary.

  • Coordinates the development and organization of policies and procedures.

Member Services and Outreach Committee

Chair: Shannon Mattice


A. General

  • Directs membership renewal and retention.

  • Organizes new member outreach and recruitment.

  • Manages membership directory.

  • Promotes and achieves awareness of membership benefits.

  • Develops and maintains informational material which describes the benefits of membership. 

  • Develops and implements strategies to identify members’ talents and interests to promote networking.

  • Develops and implements strategies for welcoming new members.

  • Develops and implements strategies for integrating members into the work of the organization.

  • Prepares appropriate honors for members deserving of recognition for years of service or other criteria, as determined.

  • To maintain and update the DATAG web page.

  • To maintain the DATAG Board and DATAG general listservs.

  • To investigate and propose initiatives for new uses of technology to improve DATAG’s operations and communications.

B. DATAG Web Site

  • The Electronic Communications Committee will work with a vendor approved by the Board to develop and maintain the DATAG website.

  • Presentations from both quarterly meetings and the Summer Conference provide relevant information to members. Therefore, all presentations and related materials, if available, will be posted within a week after the meetings and conference.

C. DATAG Listserv

  • The purpose of the listserv is to promote discussion of issues related to data and education, to share best practices, to post job openings, and to announce professional development opportunities.

  • Anyone may join the DATAG listserv, including paying and non-paying DATAG members. Inclusion in the list and removal from the list are made by request of participants on the list and are not monitored in any way, except for preventing spam and unwanted email.

  • Maintaining the listserv - The DATAG Chair may delegate the responsibility of maintaining and updating the listserv to any DATAG member with the approval of the Board of Directors.

  • Changes in status - Members whose email address change or who leave the employment that links them to DATAG listserv are requested to inform the Listserv Manager so that the member database and listserv can be updated to reflect correct contact information

  • Joining and Leaving the list -Any person may join the listserv by sending a subscription request and any person may leave the list by sending an unsubscribe request.

  • Moderating the listserv - The list is unmoderated, but DATAG reserves the right to moderate the list if necessary.

D. Board Listserv
The DATAG Board listserv will be maintained for purposes of communication among Board members.